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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 29, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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they're caught in a quagmire. nine sheep and one shepherd. >> he's down waist deep. >> see the rush to get him out before the mud sucks him up. a passing car makes a risky move on a russian road but -- >> no harm done. everything's fine. >> -- why everything is fine until it's not. a dude kisses 30 girls in one night. is this the best snapchat ever or the worst? >> getting on a serious case of monotomorrow. the buzzword for your shot
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at i knew ipad mini. >> a new mommy. >> my girl. >> we'll tell you about the search to find her new name. >> i think she looks like a daisy may. >> gopro. >> gopro. >> gopro. when the video first picks up, you see a team of rescuers, firefighters, rushing to the scene. the scene of what? it's this bizarre scene, a giant dirt hole. >> tar pit, mud pit? >> whoa. >> a giant hole of very, very wet, very dense mud. you've got nine sheep stuck. but more than that, the shepherd is stuck, too. he's down waist deep stuck in this mud. rescuers are trying everything. and they're up against the clock because you can see the sheep, their heads are barely above this mud. and the shepherd is incredibly distressed they first tie a rope
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around his waist and pull him. that seems to be making the suction worse. they cannot pull him without injuring him, he's that far down. >> goodness, he probably went in to try to save the sheep, right? that's probably how he ended up stuck. >> no reports on how all 0 this happen but they all got stuck. watch as rescuers continue trying to pulp they realize this is going to take specialized school. what they're doing is pretty miraculous but quite simple. they're hooking up the firehose, pressurized water, and they're putting it down into the mud and they're making it wetter, saturating the mud so he can then loosen his foot and help pull himself out. >> immediately take him to the ambulance to make sure that she's okay to check him over. and watch the sheep. they used the same, exact method to rescue all nine sheep. they're coated, they're distressed but they start running around together, hopefully not back into the mud.
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>> i've come to the conclusion that russia is the ice hockey of countries because basically, fights break out and people let it happen. great dash cam to enjoy. first one from inside a taxi that's leaving a club. before it, he goes around the car new york harm done, everything's done. but a little bit down the road the guys start flashing lights and the taxi pulls over. that's when -- [ speaking russian ] >> oh. >> what? >> over what? the fact that he passed them? one of them started punching the driver and the other smashes the side window, takes a bat to front window. you can't see on the video, but threw rocks which hit the other car. they get back in their car, he kind of goes on about his day. it's like it's par for the course.
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>> crosses the street in front of the car with the dash cam. as he's approaching a car, he goes into his jacket and pulls out a gun. this is when things go crazy because apparently the three guys in this car, i don't know, they're ninjas, special forces, ready for it, because look what happens. he takes the guy with the gun, two guys jump in and give him a pretty serious kicking to the guy on the floor. >> what's going on in the mind and the person with the dash cam? that's happening in front of you. do you get help? do you back up? >> after three guys walking off the guy with the gun started to sit up and gets a bit of a good finishing off. >> ouch! >> that's what you get for pulling the gun on these guys. the driver gets out, he's making sure, no, they didn't bang up my car, great. gets back in the car, drives off. >> take a deep breath and get ready to dole out heaps of
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respect to this guy. he's hiking in the northern alps of straussa and he's on a rugged trail carrying his mountain bike. you're thinking, what the heck is he going to do with the mountain bike? at the peak of the mountain, he's going to ride that mountain bike back down. >> what? >> look at the stone trough. >> he'll be hopping all the way down because there's no riding that's going to happen on this thing. >> that's what he does. this is controlled falling and trials riding. he picks his way over these rocks, little by little, riding and catching up speed when he can. but, for the most part, he's on the brakes plucking his way down this trail. >> this is insane, actually. make one bad move and gravity is going to take you the rest of the way down that mountain. >> he must have unbelievable size made of granite because you've got to be mad and then right back down. >> amazing in part and looks
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absolutely terrifying. watch this section. >> what? >> nuts. >> you don't survive that, if your turn your handle bars just two inches to the left. >> you can see some of the hikers around him, they're wearing helts. the he's completely mad. but he does go down. the poster of this video say his didn't complete the entire trail, but it's the most he's ever seen somebody ride this section. and it's impressive. >> yeah, that is truly -- >> i want look at that, it's crazy! it's a brand-new week, everybody, and we're celebrating with another ipad mini giveaway the buzzword coming up in a little while. >> you need monday's buzzword, be at least 18 or older and a legal resident. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> on this stormy day in ukraine, i bet this woman
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probably would have wanted to be a few minutes late to where she was going. look how strong the storm is. and listen to the wind. this woman walks by, you can see the wind blowing her hair back, but watch what happens. >> where did that come from? >> what was that? >> that storm blew out that window and that woman was hit by that window pane and that knocked her to the ground. watch it again. >> what kind of freak accident is that that a window blows out of a building just in your direction as you're walking? >> it didn't just fall, it blew out and blew in to her. >> so close to the building? >> she can see her getting up. she did suffer cuts to her place. one place i don't want to be on a lightning strike, on a crane. >> that will make you wet your pants. >> if you're a crane operator do you have to sit through that? stay there and ride the storm out and hope nothing really hits you? >> it's like being in the
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world's biggest lightning rod when a thunderstorm rolls around. look who's trying to hitch a ride on a dumpster truck. the driver of this truck thinks this is hilarious. >> all funny until mr. raccoon decides to put up a fight. >> you gotta get up. no, off. and the trickiest way to serve up -- a margarita. aaaaaaaa!! [popping & fizzing sounds] susupppporort t bobothth m mens and phphysysicicalal e enenergrgy . prprououd d spspononsosor r ofo.
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cici hey, jennar fuzz mike trooawwwwww scram!g... i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what?
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catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. what do you do if you have an unwanted page on your vehicle? >> stop the car, throw them off. >> sling them off. >> what kind of passenger are we talking about? >> oh. >> oh, not that little guy? >> adorable little raccoon hitches a ride on a garbage truck in missouri. the driver and collector, mike churchill thinks it's hilarious. he tries to open the door and
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swing the door back and forth to get the raccoon to maybe exit on his own. >> dude, you've got to get off. >> i think this little raccoon is a dare devil because he's enjoying the ride. it's like a carnival ride. starts hanging upside down. >> his buddies are like i dare you, watch this! >> get off. >> he's not going to give up easy. >> oh, he doesn't give up easily. and mike keeps on swinging. >> go away! >> now the raccoon's showing off. he's doing gymnastics moves, spinning around the side view mirror. after he gets a fun ride and mike plays with him for a little while on the door, the raccoon gets off on his own and runs right away. >> there he goes. if you're ever on a hosted
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hope he doesn't offer a margarita because it's going to take a while to get to you. notorious for trick shots that are very useful at the beginningen the proper way to prepare a laughing glass of margarita. if you like the rupe goldberg kind of thing. holding up a shot, bounces off that, goes up, rolls down and releases this thing, streaming down, pops the balloon which releases another bit of a ball, a ball comes rolling down, doink, look at that, good putt. >> that does look good. >> you don't want to go mini golfing with that guy. >> you don't. >> you're going lose. >> took 14 hours to make. next time ask for a beer. glass of margarita rupe goldberg style. excellent putter shot. there's probably nothing more rewarding than rescuing an animal especially when you have devastating cases like this one, and i warn you, this is a little
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difficult to watch. this little guy was attacked and was left like this. and he ended up having the bottom part of his jaw ripped off the bone. >> oh, poor thing. >> fortunately, he was found by an organization in arizona called peewee's pals. they immediately rushed him over to the surgeon, immediately treated and this is what he looked like right after. >> wow! >> wow. >> that's spectacular! >> healed perfectly fine. he now has a loving family. >> yeah. no one can resist this face. i mean, look at this dog. >> the director of the rescue, rescues all kind of different animals sheep had to crawl under a trailer to find a family of shar-pei pups. she found them, took them to get checked out, and they, too, ended up finding wonderful, loving homes. >> i bet so. shar-peis are amazingly smart, adorable. got folds of hair and skin that you can't resist.
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>> and if you have been following me on instagram, facebook, twitter i recently rescued a little girl i've been calling flocka, paying us a little visit. >> love her. >> hi, girl. >> hi, little lady. >> this is my girl. she, too, had a little accident. she ended up with a broken hip. she has had her surgery. here she's healing nicely. she's very skittish. she comes from a hoarding situation. the woman that ha had had at least 30 other dogs in the home. she doesn't yet have a name. we need to name her. so i am asking for your help and our viewers' help to find the perfect name for this little girl. let us know, >> i will be make ago $100 donation in your name to peewee's pals. head over to
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for the link. strap on your helmet, you're on the board for a street luge race. >> i'd be yelling the whole way down. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- he's strapping on a fat suit and then -- >> he's going to do an evel knievel/james bond stunt. >> i'm sure it's going to work out perfect. >> i what happens when he and his snowmobile hit the water. land it, land it! don't miss monday's buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini.
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>> closed captioning provided by --
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looks so good. >> finish, you can see in this video, which comes to us from the stunt freaks team. >> love these guys. >> put on his fat suit. i can tell you what they're going to do but they say it a lot better. >> this fat guy jumping over the road with snowmobile. >> he's got a slight fat suit on. what he's going to do is use this, he's going to take it on the water like a pro, and he's going to do an evel knievel/james bond bit of stunt. >> i'm surk out perfectly. >> let's see. >> they're pretty good. >> takes off like a jet ski. straight out on to the water. >> spectacular. >> amazing. >> i know. >> so he comes back around, gets his feet up arc approaches the ramps and takes it up to speed, boom! >> whoa! >> land it land it, land it!
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>> yeah. >> that is incredible! as you can hear, he's cheering. very, very happy to have stuck the landing. >> impressive. but i don't understand the fat suit part of it. like why? >> the reason they're doing this is for a short film, he's actually playing a character. for some reason in the film, at some point, the fat guy character is going to jump on a snowmobile and jump over. you want to check out the short film, see it on youtube. >> it's not just -- in case something fails. >> right. >> yoda and the orange. ♪ ♪
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anyone who's a dog owner going to be able to relate to the video from just another production production. the five people you meet at the dog park. first, the know it all owner. >> what kind of dog? >> not sure. >> definitely chihuahua. >> fox-like in the ears. >> like the wild animal fox. >> like the wild animal fox. >> what kind of food are you giving her? >> i don't know what it's called. the shelter gabe it to us. >> the shelter? >> yeah. >> at rate you will be going i probably won't be seeing you here again. >> next, the deush bag owner. >> i hate that. >> going tomorrow night. >> what? >> your dog just -- >> i know that sounds crazy. >> don't flow why they come to the dog park or own dogs. the i don't belong here owner. >> cute. >> thanks. i had her on the ground but it's dirty. put her in her bags. >> oh, god.
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>> i would try letting her out, let her run around, smell the other dogs. >> smell the other dogs? >> yeah, you know what dogs do, sniff each other. >> she's an owner who doesn't want her dog to be a dog. next, overprotective. >> all dogs are supposed to have a shot here i don't know that for sure. she does. >> she does. >> you let her go? >> not really, no, i keep her close to me. >> say hi. >> ah! >> that scream. >> but you know if there is the overprotective owner, there's also the underprotective owner. that's number five. >> is that your dog? that is -- >> yeah. that's my little one. >> yeah. >> that one yours? >> yeah. >> he's a little aggressive. >> new york just playing. >> has it hurt another dog? >> no. >> who allowed you to adopt this dog. >> found in an alley next to an illegal dog fighting. >> you're the worst person. >> ipad mini giveaway. >> you need the buzzword, at least 18 and legal u.s. resident. >> head over to
9:23 am and click on win ipad mini button. >> enter buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. enter on each every day. >> ready to reveal month's buzzword? >> let's hear it. >> it is fitness. >> so get on over to, click on the win ipad mini button and enter monday's buzzword. fitness. >> good luck, everybody. dude uses snapchat to catch him smooching -- >> girl after girl after girl. >> so weird. >> the story behind the bizarre night on the town. i'm a doctor of internal medicine
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with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on
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prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
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done by 5:00. >> the perfect assembly line. >> yeah. >> dog feeling the wind in his hair. ♪ ♪
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♪ lots of mixed emotions about this video. that's james, thought it would be cool to do this. >> this is what the video's about, him kissing girl after girl after girl. in a senate chap he posted after he was done. girls creepily looking into the camera every once in a while. >> i'm making the best face. >> this is in knotting ham at a place called walk city. >> what? what? what? >> some people laugh at it. some people do say it's very gross and disrespectful. >> so weird. >> props to pulling that many girls in one shot and not getting slapped in the face. >> sounds like he kissed at
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least 30 girls, and, yeah, as you can see, here one guy. >> dang, he's indiscriminate. i'm not offended by this kid. he's a kid. >> i don't get the youth of today. >> this is a bit weird. how's the oral herp pis. >> he claims some are friends of his so they are having fun. >> people make out a lot at those things young and in college and a lot of single guys and single girls, people start making out. >> that's it for "rtm," everybody. see you next time.
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one on the right there. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> searching for turtles but ended up with humpback whales. >> and you see this mama and her baby. >> how lucky swimmers got the selfie of a lifetime. >> it may be the perfect flying machine for a beautiful view. >> the paramotor. >> the moment this perfect day is reuenned by an emergency landing. time to wake up and smell the coffee mixed with wine. >> it's delicious. >> see why we're all abuzz about national coffee day. the buzzword for your shot at a new i


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